A Community of Faith

Guided by our 弗朗西斯can Catholic heritage, 校园部 provides opportunities for members of all faith traditions to encounter God in their daily lives. 


  • Ascension Thursday, May 9, 质量 time will be at 12:25 pm

The 质量 schedule from May 12 until August 18 will change:

  • Daily 质量 MWF at 12 noon
  • 下午12:25
  • 周日上午10点
  • Confessions Friday at 11:00-11:45 AM


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校园部 at Saint 弗朗西斯 University seeks to care for and nurture the spiritual needs of ALL students, regardless of your denomination or faith tradition.  We invite you to learn about and become involved in the many spiritual opportunities we offer. 

A Message from Our Director of 校园部


Ways to Get Involved

质量 & 敬拜

There are a variety of options for 质量 and prayer at Saint 弗朗西斯 University. A walk through the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, 参加质量, or sitting in the beauty of Mount Assisi Gardens are just a few of the options for you to strengthen your connection to God.


Local 敬拜 Directory

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护理 & 支持

You are not alone as you navigate the enormity of college life and the challenges accompanying this journey.  校园部 is here to help guide you in your daily life, through times of grief and loss, and in life's greatest decisions.  We believe that through this support, you will deepen your relationship with God and build a solid foundation of faith as you 成为那个人.


Our doors, phones and most importantly our hearts are always open to our student body.  博彩平台 今天...your need is never too great or too small.

校园部 Staff

Our staff is dedicated to supporting and meeting you wherever you are on your faith journey.


Father Stephen Waruszewski, T.O.R.
Title:  Director of 校园部
Department: 校园部
Office Location:  St. 弗朗西斯·霍尔室. 6


Father Chris Dobson, T.O.R.
Title: Director of Liturgy  
Department: 校园部 
Office Location: Saint 弗朗西斯 Hall   Rm. 4


夫人. 丹尼斯·米. Farabaugh
Title: Administrative Assistant, 校园部
& Center for Community Engagement                                          
Department: 教堂/校园部
Office Location: Saint 弗朗西斯 Hall  Rm. 2a                                  



Discover the many opportunities to get involved with 校园部 at Saint 弗朗西斯 University.

弗朗西斯can Mission Integration

Saint 弗朗西斯 University aims to be an academic institution where religion in general and Catholicism, 特别是, are vitally present and operative across campus. This occurs when theological perspectives, 伦理问题, and faith-seeking understanding intersect with every subject area and academic discipline. Such integration fosters the education of the whole person, through academic and career-oriented learning as well as social, 心理, 物理, 道德, and spiritual/religious growth.

To achieve these goals, the Office of Mission Integration works with diverse groups, 办公室, 部门, and divisions across campus to implement several objectives outlined in Ex corde Ecclesiae ("From the Heart of the Church"), which is an Apostolic Constitution issued by Pope John Paul II in 1990 describing the "identity and mission" of Catholic colleges and universities.


These objectives are:

  • to increase consideration of theological perspectives, 伦理问题, and Catholic teaching in curricular and co-curricular activities;
  • to foster the integration of knowledge across subject areas and academic disciplines; and
  • to promote conversations across campus between faith and reason in order to bear witness to the harmonious unity of all truth
  • to be of service to the people of God and the human family in their quest for transcendental goals which give meaning to life (Ex corde Ecclesiae, 1990, #12-20).